The power of visuals

Visual Representation

Ideas in the air become more visible and accessible, participants begin to see patterns emerging.

Capturing the Essence

Recording key words, phrases, pictures and symbols that reflect ideas and conclusions emerging in conversations.

Enduring Value

Created images on paper or digital format remain for further use in the office, publications or posts.

Memorable Experience

It engages people with the produced material and allows the collective work to be endorsed and shared.

Make your ideas visual

Capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment, before or after the event.

What we do

Find the most suitable visual mindset for your event or project. Visual listening & recording, (digital) graphic facilitation, visual training and learning activities at your service.

Graphic recording & facilitation

Visual listening and recording captures stories and ideas ir real time on the spot. It captures people’s ideas and expressions in words, images and color as they are being spoken in the moment, it takes place on a big surface or being created and displayed digitally. It serves as a report of a keynote speech, review, discussion, interactive session or even a podcast. Visual facilitator can help in your events by making the ideas of participants visual

Infographics & information visualisation

Enrich your reports, statistic and content presentations, lists of information, team agreements and visions, content blocks with visual elements by creating tailored made, hand drawn infographics or visual landscapes.

Visual workshops

Learn how to do graphic recording or facilitation in interactive seminars. Sketchnoting, doodling, graphic recording and other visual thinking techniques can be very useful tool for the management of daily activities at home, office or freetime. It’s also used for presentations, brainstorming session and meetings, especially the ones in smaller groups. Learn how to do it with a professional trainer or host a training session for your staff.

Animated videos

Create a promo animated video to show what value you create, what products or services you produce, what are the values of your organisation. Videos are easily adjusted for social media sharing (with sibtitles or not)

Whiteboard videos

Help others to understand your ideas and content better with explanatory videos. Plain white background, hand drawing and explaining using visuals, texts and sound. It has never been so easy to share your ideas, present your content and help other to understand. Use video scribing for your projects.

Remote visualising

By visualising digital, online, real-time team meetings, presentations, online events, project management meetings, webinars I help participants to concentrate better on the content, remember information and have a visual summary after the event.

  • We have used service for a number of events and workshops in Vilnius Tech Park. Graphic recording for us is not only a great looking visualisation for cameras, but as well a great looking report to look back at and share. We proudly recommend service to our partners who organise events in our park - for those who equally care about faultless content and perfect imagery

    Monika Poškaitytė Partnership Manager, Vilnius Tech Park
  • Graphic facilitator was absolutely the right person in terms of skills and quality. A perfect silent interaction with no interference. A special, very positive flavour provided to the international event!

    Aušra Peledienė Director of International Relations Office, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • We work with public events, discussions and policy making. Visualisations are crucial in our work because they help to concentrate main ideas into a flow that is easy to follow. knows our context and topics very well so it easy and pleasurable to cooperate. The images are clear to people with different languages, cultures and generations. See you next time, Agne!

    Marius Ulozas Director, Institute for Policy research and Analysis
  • We were exploring the change of our culture and point of view within our organisation. Graphic facilitation helped to capture ideas and discussions and to transform them to a solid ground for further developments. We have key messages and visualisations, simple and clear connections between all the elements. It was a new experience for everybody. After the event, employees were asking - “Did we bring the drawings back?”, “Shall we post them in the office?”. They are truly connected with the visual representation of their work.

    Danguolė Bičkūnienė HR manager in the Baltic region, DPD Lithuania


Agnė Rapalaitė
Graphic Facilitator & Visual Mind

I would be happy to bring colors and shapes to your event or project. Let’s meet and discuss, how visual thinking can be useful in your organisation, institution or company.

I am a professional trainer and facilitator with more than 8 years of experience working with various target groups and topics. Connecting my visual mind, love for colors and training skills together, I continue my career as a visual recorder and facilitator. My working languages are Lithuanian and English.